1995 Nissan Skyline

Spring Hill, QLD

120,000 KMS
1995 YEAR


1995 Nissan Skyline in Spring Hill, QLD. CONTACT SELLER AT : k.abeu@yahoo.com R33 GTR Skyline in very good condition. 100,000km service including all belts, water pump and timing belt completed. Service sticker record on the cam belt cover even. Garaged overnight and shares a basement carpark during the day. 1. Never been to a track 2. Been used as my daily driver (each day, every day) 3. Been regularly serviced (5k - 7k service intervals) 4. Had wear and tear items replaced 5. Sat in a garage for 18 months while I had an overseas junket 6. Had the major (100,000km) service completed with OEM parts (including water pump, timing belt, serpentine and drive belts, thermostat, viscous fan coupling, fan, radiator top tank, belts, gaskets and seals, clutch master cylinder and clutch slave replaced around the same time) 7. Been fed a strict diet of 98RON unleaded dino juice 8. Constantly put a smile on my face 9. Fulfilled an adolescent dream (barely remembered due to advancing years...mine not the cars') Standard fitments are too numerous to mention, but some of the bits that haven't been stuffed around with include: 1. Factory (original) ECU 2. Factory (original) exhaust (Not kidding, it really is standard from the manifold all the way through to the muffler and twin pipes) 3. Factory (original) turbos (the boost restrictor is still in place) 4. Factory AFMs (replaced with OEMs when the original items went kaputsky causing it to run like a Subaru) 5. Factory (original) Cams 6. Factory Air-box (filters changed obviously) 7. Factory injectors (replaced with OEMs as two started to leak at the top) 8. Factory (original) fuel pump 9. Factory (original) clutch 10. Factory (original) gearbox To say that the car is completely original as it came off the factory floor would be a lie as the radio died and has been replaced with a Sony CD i-Pod compatible head unit.


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