1974 Volvo 164E EFI

Brisbane, QLD

500,000 KMS
1974 YEAR


1974 Volvo 164E EFI in Brisbane, QLD. Reluctant Sale due to ownership of six classic cars with too much road tax / car registration costs. This is a an automatic car but does have optional four-speed or five-speed manual conversion available either before or after sale. The engine is a straight six cylinder B30E which as a boat engine is known as an AQ170. It’s a 175 HP EFI engine in a vehicle that will continue to grow in value. I’m only selling because of lack of storage space and very high state government road tax ( car registration ). This car also has air-conditioning, (rotary compressor from BMW 531) power-steering and even optional electric windows. The car is mechanically sound with recent brake system overhaul. Cons are the air-conditioning requires a re-gas and the car needs some cosmetic attention and a complete re-spray to return to its former glory. The Volvo 164E is designed will durable integrity and the car will run well for decades to come.


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